Date Speaker Affiliation Title
20/9/2019 Guido Consonni Universita' Cattolica del Sacro, Milan Accounting for model uncertainty in individualized designs for discrete choice experiments
20/9/2019 Janet Godolphin University of Surrey Construction of blocked factorial and fractional factorial designs
20/9/2019 Sophie Harbisher Newcastle University High dimensional optimal design using stochastic gradient optimisation and Fisher information gain
12/12/2018 Kalliopi Mylona King's College London Supersaturated split-plot designs for industrial experimentation
12/12/2018 Alex Donev University of Manchester Experimental designs for drug combination studies
12/12/2018 Vasiliki Koutra King's College London Design of experiments and network symmetry
20/6/2018 Serge Guillas University College London, UK Mutual Information for Computer Experiments (MICE): design, optimization, and data assimilation: applications to tsunami hazard (Video)
20/6/2018 Xun Huan Sandia National Labs, USA Simulation-based Bayesian experimental design for computationally intensive models (Video)
20/6/2018 Henry Wynn London School of Economics, UK The war against bias: experimental design for big data (Video)
3/11/2017 Richard Boys Newcastle University, UK Efficient construction of optimal designs for stochastic process models
3/11/2017 Bertrand Gauthier Cardiff University A convex relaxation for IMSE optimal design in random-field interpolation models
3/11/2017 Olga Egorova University of Southampton Optimal experimental design for multiple objectives: accounting for model misspecification
29/6/2017 James McGree Queensland University of Technology, Australia Bayesian design for models with intractable likelihoods: A synthetic likelihood approach (Video)
29/6/2017 Alexis Boukouvalas University of Manchester, UK Optimal design for correlated processes with input-dependent noise (Video)
29/6/2017 Irene Garcia Camacha Gutierrez Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Toledo, Spain Robust design for mixture experiments, an application to solve a real problem for diesel fuel surrogate models (Video)
3/11/2016 Rosemary Bailey University of St Andrews Crossing, nesting, marginality and Hasse diagrams in designed experiments
3/11/2016 Hugo Maruri-Aguilar Queen Mary, University of London Optimal design for smooth supersaturated models
3/11/2016 Antony Overstall University of Southampton, UK Bayesian optimal design for ordinary differential equation models
1/6/2016 Ben Torsney University of Glasgow, UK Optimal Design, Lagrangian and Linear Model Theories: a Fusion (Video)
1/6/2016 Tim Muiruri Kinyanjui University of Manchester, UK Information content of household-stratified epidemics (Video)
1/6/2016 Werner Mueller Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz, Austria ABCD: Approximate Bayesian Computing Design (Video)
28/10/2015 Tim Waite School of Mathematics, University of Manchester Random designs for robustness to functional model misspecification
28/10/2015 Liz Ryan King’s College, University of London, UK Simulation-based fully Bayesian experimental design for mixed effects models
28/10/2015 Steve Gilmour University of Southampton, UK Split-Plot and Multi-Stratum Designs for Statistical Inference